About Us


So what do we mean by Inclusive Arts?

Inclusive Arts takes many forms but at the heart of the work is the involvement of disabled artists and/or engagement with twitterlogo1disabled young people.  Typically Inclusive Arts practitioners see access issues as positive creative stimuli and not as an additional add on.

The area of work that is placed under the Inclusive Arts umbrella includes:

  • Work for young disabled audiences
  • Work created by disabled Artists for young audiences (both disabled and non-disabled young audiences)
  • Work about disability from skilled writers for all audiences performed by disabled performers.

The artists and companies involved in this area of work don’t share a global common language.  Some define themselves as “Inclusive”, “interactive”, “integrated” or “accessible”; others use terms like “disabled-led” or “disability arts” or talk about “unlocking authentic voices”.

We have decided to use the term ‘inclusive’ to recognise a shared ethos.  Inclusive Art recognises the contributions of disabled people, the value of inclusive practices, and the importance of representation with dignity, diversity and difference that enable disabled young people, participants and artists to take part

Inclusive Art is driven by the desire to create high quality art that includes all and that may have outcomes and influences which are considered ‘therapeutic’ but whose primary purpose is to enlighten, educate, entertain and excite audiences via the art.

It is incredibly important because it ensures great art is accessible to everyone, making theatre richer and challenging artists to re-evaluate their practice whilst providing important role models for young audiences and giving them the chance to view disability and diversity in a new light.

So how does the Network operate?

The International Inclusive Arts Network is supported by the VSA Program of the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Art.

IIAN supports and promotes the work of the VSA Program, of the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts an international organization on arts and disability, that provide arts and education opportunities for people with disabilities and increase access to the arts for all.

IIAN is also the ASSITEJ network of inclusive theatre makers

IIAN is a network of practitioners affiliated with ASSITEJ International, the international association of theatres for children and young people, and has been created in collaboration with the TYA/UK’s Accessibility/Inclusion Team and the Kennedy Center’s VSA .

At this time, the network is managed by The Founding Steering Committee, which consists of two groups as follows:

The Core Group:

Daryl Beeton (England, UK)
Katrine Gabb (Australia)
Talleri McRea (USA)
Betty Siegel, (USA)
Tanya Surtees (South Africa)
Janet Tam (Hong Kong)
Diana Krzanic Tepavac (Serbia)
Nicola Miles-Wildin (England, UK)


The Support Group:

  • Danny Braverman (England, UK)
  • Boris Caksiran, (Serbia)
  • Philip Hardy, (Ireland)
  • Janice Kernoghan (Northern Ireland, UK)
  • Katariina Metsalampi, (Finland)
  • Scot Reese (USA)
  • Sonya Robbins-Hoffmann (USA)
  • Tulin Saglam (Turkey)
  • Tania Scott (South Africa)
  • Justyna Sobczyk (Poland)
  • Tim Webb (England, UK)
  • Robert Softley Gate (Scotland, UK)
  • Glenys Evans (Wales, UK)
  • Emma Bennison (Australia)


The Core Group shares the responsibility of administrating the network and is chaired by Daryl Beeton, Artistic Director of Kazzum Theatre in London; the secretary to the Core Group is Vicky Ireland of TYA/UK.

The Support Group is managed by The Core Group and shares the responsibility of promoting the activities of the network.

So how can the wider TYA community get involved?

The International Inclusive Arts Network community wants to hear from you when:

  • you see a great new inclusive theatre show
  • you have a new inclusive work premiering or touring
  • you want to discuss an issue or ask a question about inclusive theatre for young audiences
  • people win awards for work in this area
  • there’s an event happening anywhere in the world with a focus on Inclusive Arts
  • You want to share information from your country or region about events supporting and developing Inclusive Arts