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Daryl and Talleri met Kenjiro Otani, Director of Company MA (Japan) at the ASSITEJ festival in Warsaw.

They got into a discussion with Kenjiro  his show With Two Wings, which addressed the issue of difference and disability through metaphor. Of course we asked him to write a short article for our blog which you can see below!

“Currently I’ve had opportunities to visit international theatre festivals for children and young audiences overseas several times a year, where I’ve attended international meetings, receiving a number of information about TYA from all over the world, as a board member of ASSITEJ International Association of Theatre for Children and Young People Japan Center. As a part of the association’s activities, there is a networking project for disability theatre arts, which we call “Inclusive Arts Network”. This network aims to include all people with all abilities (and disabilities) and to create all the artistic activities inclusively. Among its activities, theatrical activities for disabled children, with disabled children, and by disabled children. While such a movement and the idea that we do not separate activities by abilities and we consider different abilities we all have as our individualities are spreading in the world, I am hoping that the curriculum of the “special support class” will be acted upon the ideology similar to the inclusive arts’ movement. And I strongly hope that children will build their relationships by learning each other’s differences, accepting them, and supporting using each other’s abilities.

Theatre is art that appeals to imagination. Children as audiences can identify themselves with characters in a play, sympathize them, be offended by them, and imagine ‘what if I’m the character’ in a space different from everyday reality. We call such an imagination “positionality” which means that an audience can imagine, understand, and question about a character in a play without being the character. And this leads, in my opinion, children to think of others and I believe this is the power of theatre. And I hope we are able to help children be considerate even a little with their own imagination through this performance, “With Two Wings”.”


Kenjiro Otani, Director of Company MA (Japan)

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